Producer Buzz Cason honors an old friend with Clifford Curry Jr. Scholarship Endowment. On an autumn morning in 1967, the paths of two rock ’n’ roll pioneers—one white from Nashville, one black from Knoxville—crossed at the Cinderella Sound studios in Madison,

When Knoxville lawyer Daniel F. McGehee, dapper in his bow tie and Atticus Finch seersucker suit, talks about bringing music and the arts to Paris, listeners might wonder at first—until they realize he’s talking about his hometown of Paris, Tennessee,

Alexander Smith (MM 2018) was selected for the 2018 TROMP International Percussion Competition in the Netherlands. This is one of the biggest solo stages in the world for a percussionist his age and he is 1 of 30 selected, 1

It only took thirty seconds for Katie Johnson’s life work—teaching and playing horn—to be transformed. The assistant professor of horn was playing for her idol, Frøydis Ree Wekre, one of the world’s leading horn players and teachers in Frøydis’s home country

Music is a powerful thing. It can lift moods, motivate, and even aid in healing. It also has the power to connect and cultivate understanding among cultures. This is something Loneka Wilkinson-Battiste, assistant professor of music education, has witnessed firsthand. Her first

In more than four decades of studio work, Jim Self has played in over 1,500 movies, but during his Artist in Residence week in February, Knoxville audiences were treated to a slice of his work as an innovative and versatile